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Sex therapy, individual or couple counselling in English, EMDR trauma treatment

If you prefer, I offer sessions online (Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp/ Facetime) as a possible alternative to sessions in person. This format is especially effective both for individual work because of the highly focused attention, and for couples who benefit from the "at home" setting. I recommend trying it once and observing if it is right for you. In-person sessions are of course available as well.

Why consult?

Your emotional health, your relationships, your sex life can be challenging at various times of life: when a couple forms or you move in together, marriage, pregnancies, children, empty nest, retirement, illnesses... or any other period of crisis or transition.

I've noted that in integrating different therapeutic tools, a person or a couple can learn or re-discover healthy ways to interact and function. I suggest that we meet and determine together if a therapy (sex therapy, individual or couple psychotherapy) may be of help to you.

According to your preferences and where you are at, it is possible to consult alone or as a couple.

My fields of specialization:

  • Relationship difficulties (FRTSCC couple counsellor, FSP systemics- oriented psychotherapist )
  • Challenges in sexuality: dysfunctions, communicating about sex, differences between partners (ASPSC/SSS clinical sex therapist)
  • Couple therapy (EFCT approach)
  • Trauma: EMDR

Please contact me for an appointment, alone or with your partner, at one of my clinics (Morges, Tolochenaz, Lausanne). To make an appointment, please send me your schedule preferences at and I will reply within 2 work days.

Laurence Dispaux

Psychologue spécialiste en psychothérapie FSP

Conseillère conjugale FRTSCC

Sexologue clinicienne ASPSC

Centre de sexologie et couple de la Côte, Tolochenaz

Ave de Mon Repos, Lausanne

Cabinet des Résidences de la Côte, Morges

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